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Welcome to MyCareerMatch

It's a great Career Advisers tool that matches a students personality style to CAREERS THEY WOULD LOVE!

Encouraged by our success in Australia we are thrilled to announce that MyCareerMatch is now available to fellow Kiwis. With over 45% of Australian Secondary Schools using our product, it's been a proven help for Career Advisers to engage and empower students in years 9-13.    

Here's how New Zealand Career Advisers and Students will benefit from this product.

It's Quick and easy to use
Low cost (just pay as you go)
Online access 24/7 from home or school
Students receive their report by email within minutes of completing
Copies of student reports emailed to Careers Adviser
Packed with free classroom resources
Assists in career conversation with student and parent
Helps strengthen existing career programs

Discover personal strengths and employability skills
Build a positive self-image and confidence
Connect personality skills with careers linked to CareersNZ
Discover career options not previously considered
Use content to write a compelling CV
Encourages positive career discussion parents with parents

Introducing MyCareerMatch

... there are 2 options available


Option 1:  Licence Fee

The Licence Fee offers you the most affordable pricing option.
The Fee is based on your secondary school roll.

Licences expire 31st December each year.

Now you can provide MyCareerMatch to all your secondary school students. You can use MyCareerMatch for each cohort in years 9 – 12 with one fixed Licence fee for Standard or PLUS resume versions.

The Licence option is only available to New Zealand Secondary Schools  

Click to download MyCareerMatch Order Form and Price List (Word doc.)

Option 2: Individual Reports 

The 2016 price for both MyCareerMatch STANDARD and MyCareerMatch PLUS is $5.00 (minimum 30 credits). Students can choose which one they want when they login. Report credits do not expire until used. It's very easy - we'll send you new instructions if you're already a client. Or you might want to switch to the Annual Licence Fee for better value!

Here's what the students get:

The MyCareerMatch STANDARD program is ideal for Years 9 & 10, and provides students with a
10 page Career Report that includes:

Click to view MyCareerMatch report

The MyCareerMatch PLUS MYRESUME program is ideal for Years 11 & 12 and includes the Standard report (all of the above), PLUS a 16 page Resume report and online resume builder that includes:

Click to view MyResume report

Click to download MyCareerMatch Order Form and Price List (Word doc.)


If you'd like a free trial, send us your details and we'll get a trial code to you soon.

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